Artisans Tour in Florence: Discovering the Traditional Craftsmanship

Looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience in Florence? Consider taking an Artisans Tour, a unique opportunity to discover the world of the “Bottega” and the traditional craftsmanship that still thrives in the historic center of Florence.

Unlike typical tours, the Artisans Tour will introduce you to the skilled artisans who carry on centuries-old traditions in leatherworking, wood carving, inlay mosaics, papier mache, marbleized paper, ceramics, wrought iron, and other crafts. Most workshops are closed on Sundays and in August, so plan accordingly.

Visiting the workshops is like stepping back in time, as apprentices have done for generations. There, you will witness the artisans at work, gain insights into their techniques, and see how they create unique objects by relying on their manual skills and abilities.

At the best leather, wood carving, inlay mosaics, papier mache, marbleized paper, ceramics, and wrought iron laboratories in Florence, you’ll have the opportunity to watch artisans give hands-on demonstrations and explanations of their special techniques.

And if you’re looking for a sweet treat, some tours also include visits to gelato laboratories where you can sample delicious creations.

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