Volterra guided tour:

We will take you to a trip between  time and beauty from the Etruscan to the modern age, passing through the Roman Empire Era and Renaissance.

The monuments in town we usually cover:

 Piazza dei Priori, the main square, center of civic power since the 8th century

 Porta All'Arco, the 4th BC Etruscan gate to the city walls

 ruins of the Roman Theater (1st c.BC ) and Roman  Baths (3rd c.AD) from the walls above the ruins

 Romanesque Cathedral, recently restored, and the Baptistery of San Giovanni, an octagonal  structure dating back to the 13th c. with a façade decorated in the classic two-tone of white and green marble

 a visit to a laboratory of alabaster, the stone of Volterra, traditionally worked  since ancient times.

3 hours minimum time and interest permitting, we can also visit the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum, one of the earliest public museums in Europe,  and/or the Pinacoteca ( museum with medieval and renaissance art).

This can be a private walking tour of 2/3 hours.

Costs will be given on request

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